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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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What is
  • The easiest way to search and book hotel rooms online.
  • Connecting guests to hotels is what we do.
  • Offering hotels to promote their property on the worldwide web for free.
Who is
  • is a leading company in Europe for online hotel reservations.
  • Since 2000, we offer travelers the possibility to book rooms in hotel in Europe ranging from 1 to 5 star hotels, from budget- to resort hotels
Why should I join
  • Hotels from anywhere on earth and from any segment can join the tobook Hotel Guide network
  • Receive room reservation requests guaranteed by a credit card number.
  • Free presence at
  • A free tool for updating availability information on all other hotel's websites.
  • A free homepage for your hotel, which will be submitted to more than 2000 search engines worldwide for higher rankings (free promotion).
How do I join
  • Join tobook by filling out our auto registration form supplying all the necessary information in order to sell the rooms.
  • Add room types, rates, room availability, upload pictures, maps. It is very easy to use.
Does provide support with the registration?
  • We have an on-line documentation for the registration and reservation handling process and other electronic/telephonic support is also given when required. Just sent us an email at sales.
How much does the registration cost?
  • The registration of your hotel is free of charge. We ask a commission over reservations finalized, "No Cure No Pay".
Which information is required for a submission of my hotel at
  1. General Data of the hotel (address, telephone- and fax number, email address, name of the contact person), create your own login and password for future access to your submitted data
  2. Room types present in your hotel: On this page you can list your total number of rooms, the currency with which you work and the room types you have.
  3. Room rates: This page serves to fill in the different rates you have for the different room types during the different periods. Note that the room types that you filled in are automatically placed in the rates table. Now all you have to do is fill in the empty rate boxes, check the days and period the rates correspond to.
  4. Facilities: This page serves to make it easier to show the facilities you have. The facilities next to the boxes you have checked will come on a list on the web site.
  5. Description: On this page it is possible to put any extra information needed about your hotel:
    1. General description of your property. (make it long and interesting!)
    2. Route directions: how guest can reach your hotel!
  6. Pictures: Here you can add pictures to your site. You can show photo's or other images of your hotel on your website. Upload them one-by-one (Supported picture formats are 'JPG' and 'GIF' and the maximum file size=800kb). Enter the information of the first picture, click save and enter the next one. To inform your future guests, enter a description of the picture; it will be shown next to it. Note that maximum width of your picture should not be more then 300 pixels.
  7. Room availability: Inform our visitors if rooms are available or not and at what prices they are available. Updating this information on a regular basis avoids receiving requests when your hotel is already fully booked. (Note that updating your room availability frequently will speed up finalizing the reservation process.
When will my hotel be present on the page?
  • As soon as all the hotel data are checked and we have received the participation agreement signed by the hotel.
How are reservations made through
  • Type 1 : 'Request reservation' (Your property is On-request as standard.): Reservation is made 'On-Request'. We will send the Request to you with a notification of a link by email through which you can log on to our system and accept, reject or propose and alternative.
  • Type 2 : 'Instant Reservation' : Reservation is made 'Instantly'. You will receive a notification of a link by email through which you can log on to our system in order to acknowledge the receiving of the Instant Reservation.
How do we know when a reservation is confirmed?
  • All reservations we sent are guaranteed with a credit card from the client. As soon as you receive the credit card and confirm receipt of this (notification through a link) the reservation will be confirmed.
How do we receive the money from the guest?
  • As mentioned all reservations are guaranteed by a credit card from the guest. Guests will pay everything directly at the hotel.
What if a guest does not show up or cancels his/her reservation?
  • Upon the registration you inform us about the cancellation policy you have. On making the reservation the guest is aware of the policy you have in the hotel. No Show's or late cancellation can be charged on the credit card you have from the guest.
How much does your service cost?
  • The registration of your hotel is free of charge. We ask a commission over reservation finalized of 10%. We work on 'no cure, no pay basis'. You only pay us if we sent you reservations.
How do we pay our commission?
  • A specification of all the finalized reservations will be sent to you at the end of each month. Once you have checked and confirmed that the specification is correct, we will send you an invoice. The invoice (our commission of 10%) is based on the total amount of finalized reservations. Payment can be done: online with your credit card using our payment system, by bank transfer. Unique in our approach is that you are in full control of your internet presentation. We provide you with a username and password to access your own Management Center, where you can update everything about your hotel's listing.
How can I achieve free internet presence and a free promotion of my hotel?
  • Use your online brochure to inform potential hotel guests. We will create a website for you consisting of several well-designed pages. The more information you give us, the better the homepage. The homepage will be professionally designed and contains general information, rates, directions, cancellation policy, pictures, facilities and an online reservation form. The internet address will look like We submit your website to around 2000 search engines world wide to attract more guests. Again, at no charge. You just pay a commission on reservations.
How can I put online availability and booking facilities on my own site?
  • If you already have a site of your own, you can easily add more functionality to it. The room availability information that you enter on our website, can be used on your own website as well. This is a powerful way to let your potential guests know that you do have rooms available on the required dates, or that you are fully booked. In the last case your time will not be taken by pointless emails. Your website becomes the third hand of the reception.
  • Besides the availability information you can also expand your own site with online reservation facilities (forms, rates, credit card checking etc.)
How can I improve my property presence at
  • Actualize your rates in time for the coming periods; otherwise your site will fall down.
  • Default classification is ***-star, price comparison within the star classification, your hotel must be on-line bookable and last our ranking can be influenced by the number of allocated rooms.
  • Besides the above mentioned rules, take also the following into consideration:
    - Make use of all tools that our site is offering to present your hotel, e.g.: like a good description of your hotel, your offers, photos, maps etc.
  • Compare your prices with other hotels in your classification. If your prices are above average, you should make it clear what your extra offers are for this higher rates. Make your 'uniqueness’ more clear then only with general attachments in your description.
  • Add good photos and photos from different views; an internet surfer should be able to view the whole picture; so add not only the front view of your hotel or only the rooms. Every department of your hotel should be present with a photo: a front view; reception, bar/restaurant, rooms, bathrooms and so on. Try also to avoid much more 'flash' than it is real in your pictures. A more realistic photo will make it easier for the guest to trust the description you have given about your hotel.
  • Consider your cancellation policy: usually the rule is 'Cancellations are possible without any charge 24 hours prior to arrival'; otherwise 1 night will be charged. As known nowadays many people decide to take a break in the 'last minute' or to cancel the break in the 'last minute'; you have to take this in consider when you are formulating a harder cancellation policy.
  • Try to add 'Special Offers'; then you will be more present on our site and more attractive to get a visit.
  • Don't get pessimistic if you don't get reservations when we start representing your hotel. Keep working on the site; this, often, means not more then 5 minutes weekly. The more attention you are giving to the presentation of your hotel the more attention you will get from our team and our visitors.

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