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read please our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before registering. english français deutsch italiano Español türkçe

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  1. Room reservations through our travel and hotel related sites
  2. Free presence at
  3. Free tool for updating availability information on many other hotel websites
  4. Free homepage for your hotel, which will be submitted to 2000 search engines worldwide for high ranking

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Are you looking for a new person to complete your team? We can provide you with much information by offering you a platform where you can find suitable people from the hotel manager, receptionist to chamber maid and bar man. Thereby it doesn’t matter if you want to occupy a full-time or part-time position, need somebody for a summer job or an internship. We, from tobook, have noticed the necessity of providing a platform where hotels and applicants can meet each other. By filling in all information that are necessary and might be useful to catch people’s interest, you make it easier for yourself to find the right applicant. All advertisements can be tailored to your own wishes and edited whenever you like. You can limit them to a certain time and receive people’s CVs directly from our website.

All applicants provide a profile with their personal data, their preferences, their work experience, and some references. This will make it easy for you to check if a candidate really suits your demands. You can either use the search option to look directly or you can enter your profile and place an advertisement. After having done that you will be able to check how many applicants have answered on your ad and evaluate them from your point of view. Make the process easier, use toBook!

If you want to submit your job-postion request, then click here. If you are a registered as an hotel after login you can access the job section.
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