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1. The advantages of participating.
Read here about the services we are offering to hotels and other properties. help

Visitors from our websites make online room reservation requests with us, which we send to the hotels cooperating with us. If you receive a reservation request from us you can decide to accept the guest(s) or not. Reservations are guaranteed by a creditcard. In advance, hotels can indicate whether they have rooms available or not, so there will be no requests for periods in which you are already fully booked.

We work with an attractive commission percentage over the reservation value. You can determine your own prices, although of course we prefer to list special rates. Unique in our approach is that you are in full control of your internet presentation. We provide you with a username and password to access your own Management Center, where you can update everything about your hotel's listing.

Due to our pursuit of high Internet-visibility, quality service and dedication, our network of hotel and travel related sites is expanding rapidly. Our visitors mainly come from The Netherlands, Germany, Great Brittain, France, Italy and the USA.
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2. Free internet publication and free promotion for your hotel.
Use your online brochure to inform potential hotel guests. We will create a website for you consisting of several well-designed pages. The more information you give us, the better the homepage. The homepage will be professionally designed and contains general information, rates, directions, cancellation policy, pictures, facilities and an online reservation form. The internet address will look like We submit your website to around 2000 search engines world wide to attract more guests. Again, at no charge. You just pay a commission on reservations.
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3. Put online availability and booking facilities on your own site.
If you already have a site of your own, you can easily add more functionality to it. The room availability information that you enter on our website, can be used on your own website as well. This is a powerful way to let your potential guests know that you do have rooms available on the required dates, or that you are fully booked. In the last case your time will not be taken by pointless emails. Your website becomes the third hand of the reception.

Besides the availability information you can also expand your own site with online reservation facilities (forms, rates, creditcard checking etc.)
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What's in it for us?
Invest a little time and enjoy our services. What's in it for us? You will be charged a small percentage of the reservations that come from our site as written above.
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